4 Cool Stripe Clothing Trends For Girls

  • Nov 09, 2020
  • By Paula Lefebvre

Adult or a kid, stripe dresses are an incredible pull off for everyone! Unlike the numerous prints that are just a fad, stripes have stood their ground, turning into a fashion staple. The versatile and neutral print forms a fashionable mix with all the varying colors, throw in some cute little accessories, and your baby girl will be coaching moms on how to dress their little ones.

The compilation below introduces you to the 5 different stripe looks that will make your kid extra adorable.

Black And White Forever

The black and white stripes are an unfailing combination that creates a sweet and simple look. The black and white pocket dress for girls underneath a black tailored coat will put together a whopping good look. Pair it up with black tights and pumps, and your doll is ready to accompany you anywhere!

Multi-Dimensional Design

Who says you can’t experiment with stripes and that they have to be the same old lines that move throughout the length of your dress? Stripes are as fun as any other pattern or print you will come across. You can choose a dress with horizontal stripes on the bodice and diagonal stripes on the flare to put together a multi-dimensional dress. The frock can have a V neck that can be embellished with a delicate lace that reaches the waist. Your baby would fall in love with that kind of cute dress.

Mix And Match

Mix and match to put together a stunning look that will get heads turning as your little one takes the floor! A navy-white striped fit-and-flare dress under a bright flower printed blazer is a perfect spring look. Complete her look with light-shade pumps and a leather mini-bag. The different textures and colors create a bold and stylish look that she can wear for birthday parties or picnics.


Plaid is technically stripes, right? Well, we think so! Nothing beats a gorgeous, bold plaid fabric, especially in the colder weather. Opt for earthy tones for Fall, and traditional reds, greens, and black for Winter. We have a great Black and White Plaid Cardigan for toddler girls that is warm and fashionable. Even in warmer weather, you’ll find colorful plaid clothing for girls of all ages. It’s great for photo shoots!

Colored Stripes

The Harvest Rainbow Stripe Pocket Dress for Girls makes for a beautiful dress for your doll. With the refreshing look of the dress, the kid's playtime becomes more fun. The two pockets on the sides turn into her treasure chest, where she can store her little hunts while playing.

You can add more color to the striped ensemble to jazz up the monochrome stripes. Go for bright colors that the kids get attracted to. Experiment with the range of colors for procuring a cool and bold look.

Kid or grown-up, girls like to dress up. Give your little one the trendiest look this year with the never-fading stripes style. Charlarue Kids has an extensive collection of kids clothes to rock every season and every trend!

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