Things To Gift Small Girls

  • Nov 16, 2020
  • By Paula Lefebvre

Choosing gifts for girls of any age is quite a challenge. Even a 7-year-old can be finicky. As small as the word sounds, it can leave a big impression. Gifts can make or break hearts, and when dealing with girls, it is the heart you have to be thinking about the most! No pressure, right?

Charlarue Kids has an impressive range of gifts that you can pick for your little one to make her smile. We have some of the best gift for little girls, from a watercolor twirl dress for girls to fun, scented markers for her artistic endeavors. We have a list of presents that make a thoughtful gift for the young one, things that she will absolutely adore.

We have listed a few of amazing gifts that will make the tricky task of picking a gift easy. Check them out below and leave a comment if you have any other suggestions that would help your fellow shoppers!

Play Tents

Dad joke: Why do some people dislike camping outside? Because it’s IN TENTS! You’re welcome. But seriously, indoor play tents are intriguing for the kids, and they are the perfect gift to encourage imagination and active play. Plus, they are the perfect little space just for your child, should they need a little quiet time or privacy. My 4 year old daughter has a tent in her room, and her 7 year old brother, her father, and I (plus our little dog) love to cram in it and tell spooky stories. It’s nice and cozy.

I’d like to think all kids love building a fort or a tent for themselves while playing. A colorful play tent of a reasonable size that is lightweight and can be set up indoors will make them happy. It can also be used outdoors to enjoy the weather or a picnic or camping holiday with family. It will be their domain where she will love to play and come up with imaginative games of her own.


Charlarue Kids has a stunning collection of dresses for kids from which you can find a lovely girls twirl dress that she can rock at birthday parties, weddings, or on outdoor trips. In my opinion, girls can never have too many clothes. I always have more fun dressing my daughter because of the cute outfits I find. Make yours happy by adding style to her wardrobe. You can browse through the many options at Charlarue Kids to pick an outfit you think she will be most comfortable in.


Lots of girls love to have bags from an early age. For mine, it’s the joy of sneaking snacks and toys. Some little girls like to carry a stylish bag to keep her everyday use belongings nearby, so she can feel like a big girl, just like Mommy. You can choose from backpacks, wallets, chic totes, sling bags, etc. to make your mini-me happy.

Hobbies & DIY Gear

Hobbies and interests develop at a young age. Give children items that allow their brains to grow and creativity to bloom and watch them grow up into the next Picasso or Frida Kahlo. Since not all children are into fashion, you can buy creative things more suited to develop her personal tastes and love for arts and crafts. You can get many age-appropriate DIY supplies at Charlarue Kids that will fuel the child’s passion and make for a lovely gift.

LEGO Sets & Other Building Block Toys

LEGO gives the kids endless possibilities to whack out exceptional ideas and build the castle of their dreams! The LEGO blocks will keep her away from harmful screen rays for hours while she will use her skills to craft beautiful things using the blocks. For real fun, check out our CDX building block rollercoaster sets – they're designed by a real rollercoaster engineer!

Charlarue Kids has everything from sports equipment, toys, educational books, to stylish dresses and adorable outfits so that you can easily pick the most useful and relevant gift that little girls will enjoy. All these gifts will make her appreciate your efforts, and you will love putting a smile on her face.


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