Tips to Make Your Kids Look Stylish

  • Oct 10, 2020
  • By Paula Lefebvre

Why should kids be in the shadows of the all too modern and flashy world? They too deserve to bask in the glow of stylish attires that make them feel more confident, comfortable, and presentable. They will feel good about themselves and learn from an early age to focus on what and how to wear.

Charlarue Kids is here to help with trendy clothes for kids to style up your child to take on the world with confidence. Here are some suggestions:

Let The Clothes Speak For Them

You will find clothes for every child despite a distinct personality. The key to perfect styling is choosing the clothes that reflect your child’s personality. From bookworms to sporty kids, there is a galore of trendy clothes for kids at Charlarue Kids that you can choose from.

Turn The Trends In Your Favor

Trendy does not always mean comfortable. Not everything that tops the charts becomes a favorite. However, you can make the trends work by incorporating things that match your kid’s style. Tone it down or up, change colors, add accessories, or change the fabric. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns (we’re loving plaid and polka dots right now). With all the things taken care of, your kid might agree to wear what he/she refused earlier.

Be Selective About The Colors

Choosing the color scheme must involve some thinking. Picking up the right colors is essential. Not all colors go with an event or your child’s looks. Make sure to choose colors according to the seasons as well. Choose light colors for summers and a bit darker for winters. You can choose swimsuits for kids that are a mix of both as colorful clothes to go to the beach. Check out our gorgeous kid dresses for fall that we’ve just released as well.

Go For Wash And Wear Clothes

Stylish does not have to mean extravagant. It is more how you utilize the existing wardrobe, pairing up a dress with the right match, and wearing it with flair. Invest in clothes that are washable and do not lose their quality with a wash only.

Keep A Tab On Latest Trends

You can always scour the internet or fashion magazines to learn about trends. You can shop or brush up your creative skills to turn out something familiar with the existing wardrobe of your child. Try taking a well-loved dress and add a cute belt to it or a cardigan to extend the life of the dress and mix it up a little. Sunflowers are super popular right now, and we have several fall outfits for kids with sunflowers on them.

Comfort Is Off The Compromise List

Making kids wear uncomfortable clothing is no fun for them! Whatever you select, you should make sure the child is comfortable. The fabric must match their preference and any skin sensitivities, so that they can confidently wear the dress and spend their time joyously. Not only are our clothes durable and made of top-quality fabrics, but they are incredibly comfortable as well.

Keep The Event In Your Mind

If you take your kid to an event with you, make sure you do not over or underdress them. If it is an outdoor event, you have to choose something that does not get dirty all too quickly. Choose colors and the dress type according to the occasion. Remember, kids get noticed for what they’re wearing too, so shoot for fashionable but fun and everyone wins.

Try Before The Final Wear

Try out the clothes so that the kid can give their feedback. In addition, you will know how the outfit will turn out on the final day. It will save you from the last minute, unexpected troubles.


You do not have to empty your bank account to make your kids look stylish. Style has nothing to do with money. Whatever goes with the kid’s personality and is comfortable are the top priorities, and then focus on style.

Find stylish clothing at Charlarue Kids that are affordable and dress up your child perfectly for every occasion!

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