Scentco - Blueberry Scented Notepad With Glitter Gel Pen


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Give your child something that will delight their senses while engaging their creativity and writing skills. This yummy blueberry scented notepad with colored gel pen are the perfect size to travel wherever you go. Use it to take notes in school, write poetry, stay entertained during car trips, and more!

  • Each note pad contains 80 lined pages
  • Each note pad comes with a colored glitter gel pen
  • Notepad's blueberryt scent guaranteed to last 2 years
  • Measurements: W 3.5” x H 4.5” x D 0.75 makes this a portable way to write and draw on road trips and other fun adventure

⭐️Scentco is dedicated to making some of the most unique and delightfully smelling school supplies and arts & crafts products. Kid friendly with scents guaranteed to last at least 2 years, their scented pencils, pens, paper, and more come in all sorts of fun smells, including tropical, holiday, and bakery foods.⭐️