UCreate Doodletop Double Doodle Drawing Spinning Top


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What if every game could become an art project? With the U-Create Doodletop Double Doodle, anything is possible! This is the only top that draws every time it is spun. Your kid will have a blast creating doodles with this top and then turning them into unique pieces of art. The angle of spin can be changed to control the width of the circles, and the surface can be tilted to make interesting patterns. Team up with your little one and explore all the creative possibilities with U-Create Doodletop Double Doodle!

• Makes patterns when it spins
• Creates unique artwork with every use
• Long-lasting ink
• Non-toxic and washable
• Easily changeable pens
• Doodletop refill pens available
• Boosts creativity while entertaining
• Includes: 2 tops
• Color: Multicolor
• Product dimensions: 21.59 cm x 11.43 cm x 5.08 cm
• Item weight: 45.36 Grams
• Age: 5 years and above

⭐️University Games specializes in bringing together family and friends with highly entertaining and unique games. Our U-Create Doodletop Double Doodle is the only top that will inspire art while providing fun playtime. The ink is non-toxic and completely safe for children. So quit worrying and go ahead! Play, create, and have fun!⭐️