Hairdooz Series 3 Neon Neon Mystery Pack


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Look out! The Hairdooz have gone neon and are ready for a trip to the salon. Your child will delight in the bright colors, fruity scents and mini salon, as well the anticipation for which of the 12 new Dooz is hidden inside the bottle. It may just be one of the rare, color changing Dooz! Spin the bottle to reveal the Doo in her very own mini salon. Remove the dryer to reveal the Doo, and take off her cape and find her pose and outfit.
Stand your Doo or switch the chair and flip and stick.

  • Each bottle dimensions are 5.75 inches height x 3.5 inches diameter at base
  • 12 different brightly colored, fruity scented Dooz, including rare hair color-changing Dooz
  • Styles in each bottle may vary as they are random. May include duplicates.
  • Ages 5 years and up