Lucy Darling - Little Rainbow Lovey Baby Toy


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  • FUZZY RAINBOW BLANKET Our snuggly soft rainbow lovey is the security blanket of your little ones dreams With luxurious soft fabric your babe wont want to put this plush pal down Its the perfect tag a long buddy and comforting blankey all rolled into one It pairs perfectly with our Little Rainbow Memory Book and our Little Rainbow Milestone Pennants
  • BABY BLANKET This Lucy Darling blanket is more of a Security blanket for a baby but it can also be used for toddlers or anyone who wants a snuggly security blanket
  • SECURITY BLANKET This is the most accurate description of this product line from LUCY DARLING Our new security blankets will go well with the themes that are already created for the Baby Memory Books Milestone stickers Closet dividers or pendants
  • BABY MONTHLY MILESTONE BLANKET This blanket is more of a security blanket but is still a fuzzy blanket that will last your child from 0 to 1 Baby Blanket 0 to 2 Security Blanket 0 to 3 Fuzzy Blanket 0 to 4 Security Blanket 0 to 5 Baby Blanket 0 to 6 Security Blanket or 0 to 7 Fuzzy Blanket Even if your child is older and prefers a lovey we wont judge
  • LOVEYS LUCY DARLING This product line is referred to as LOVEYS brought to you from LUCY DARLING in Phoenix Arizona Our team of specialists have created and designed this lovey blanket design to go well with a Baby Memory Book or Baby Milestone Monthly Stickers from LUCY DARLING

Our snuggly soft rainbow lovey is the security blanket of every little one's dreams. With luxurious soft fabric, babies won't want to put this plush pal down. It's the perfect tag-a-long buddy and comforting blankey, all rolled into one. Safe for all ages.