Planet Kindergarten (Paperback)


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Imagine the first day of school is a space mission to explore a strange new world, Planet Kindergarten, where there are aliens all about. It can be very scary at first, and our hero is very nervous. The story follows him throughout the day as he uses his imagination to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings, and he ultimately grows to love this new planet and the aliens who are now his friends. Teaches kids about science and encourages to look forward to their first day of school instead of dreading it.
  • Story has a lesson that things that are new and scary can become fun once you get to know them. 
  • Bold, vivid, and imaginative illustrations with a wonderful lesson about conquering your fears makes this a must-have for all Kindergartners
  • Ages 4 years and up
★"A genius way to ease kids into the new adventure that is kindergarten." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review