Tender Leaf Toys - Dovetail Doll House Nursery Furniture Set


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Mini stylish furniture in Nursery room for children pretend play to develop creativity. Made with eco-friendly and chemistry-free wood.

When children invent a scenario, they try a lot of different roles and organize their thoughts while developing social and verbal skills. Encourage them to play with each furniture and decorate them. Let them lead your playtime together. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Imagination is the door to possibilities. It’s where creativity and ingenuity begin for early child development. Imaginative and creative play is how children learn about the world. During bathroom play, children manipulate wooden toys to express themselves verbally and non-verbally, act, interact, and react.

Made of 100% All-Natural Renewable Resources (Rubber wood) and accented with Non-Toxic paint.

Tender Leaf Toys uses innovative concepts to aid learning in children. Tender Leaf Toys can stimulate every stage of children’s development by nurturing and developing their natural abilities. All Tender Leaf Toys products are sold in North America and exceeds all applicable safety standards.