Tender Leaf Toys - Forest Steps - Lightweight and Portable Step Stool with Storage Space - Great for Home, Kitchen, Bathroom Age 3+


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  • GET THE BOOST YOUR KID'S NEED: Are your kids having trouble reaching the top shelf? Do your tip-toeing kids barely get within the eye level of the bathroom sink? Tender Leaf Toys - Forest Steps for Kids will provide your kids with the extra range requires to get to those high-up or just-out-of-reach items anywhere.
  • WONDERFULLY VERSATILE STOOL: Your kids can use this amazing Forest Steps for Kids for any chore or task that needs to get higher up. It’s great to have in the kitchen to get things off the top shelf, reaching for the toy self, putting back the books and pet shop into the car, and makes a good mounting block for playing and sitting.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE CONSTRUCTION: Easily transport this stepping tools for kids from one room to another, from indoors to out a conveniently light composition only weighing at 6.6 lbs. allows anyone to easily lug it to and from different locations.
  • FIT PERFECTLY WITH THE WALL: The improved rear side design allows the Stepping tools for the kids completely perpendicular to the ground. Don't worry that your child's feet will fall into the gap between the steps and the wall. It's completely safe and sound for your kids.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This Forest Steps for Kids is made out of durable natural wood, hold up a very good weight. Unlike other stools made from cheap material that breaks and cracks under trivial stress, Tender Leaf Toys Forest Steps for Kids can easily handle your child and whatever mayhem he or she decides to throw at it.

Tender Leaf Toys presents Forest Steps for Kids, A very handy step and integral storage product based on a traditional and extremely useful design. With a sweet little bird illustration and birdie footprints. This step can be used to get to those out of reach places and has handy holes either side for easy carrying. Lift the top lid to find a secret compartment. Tender Leaf Toys has been manufacturing toys and accessories in the vision of helping kids and making their world a better one. This amazing stepping tools from the Tender Leaf Toy is a splendid example of their mission and vision. This tool could be a great helping hand to kids and children, in the school, playschool, home, outside, playground, and even in the park.

A SENSE OF INDEPENDENCE: Give your child a measure of independence and responsibility with this Forest Steps for Kids. They’ll be able to reach the bathroom sink for toothbrushing and handwashing on their own, and delight in being at the kitchen counter to help you prepare meals and treats.

STRONG MATERIALS FOR YOUR KID'S SECURITY: Tender Leaf Toys ensures that all products are made using top quality materials that are built to last. They can hold up to average of 200 pounds and have good storage space inside for keeping necessary items.

PERFECT SIZE: The stepping tools for the kids is the perfect size to match your standard counter height and not too bulky! Handle holes on the sides are suitable for children’s little hands to grip. This stool can be moved anywhere in the house because it is light in weight.

Age range: 3 Years and Older

Product size: 13.03 x 14.33 x 11.42”

Weight: 6.6 lbs.