Waddles the Walking & Quacking Duck - Toddler Push Toy


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Note from Paula - Is this not the CUTEST?! We got to test one out at a toy convention, and it was so funny and cute how the duck waddled along.

Bringing a new, exciting way to encourage movement and walking, Waddles the Duck is no average push toy. Instead of the traditional bouncing balls and popping sounds, kids will delight in the moving legs, waddling, and realistic quacking sounds. 

  • Brightly colored, makes a real-life, animated, quacking noise that will keep them excited and entertained.
  • This fun and innovative push toy for toddlers will stimulate the senses and encourage your child to keep moving!
  • Recommended for ages 12-36 months., but adults have been known to get a kick out of it as well!