Tender Leaf Toys - Bird’s Nest Café


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Tender Leaf Toys creates some of the best toys for kids, and this playset is no exception. With the Bird's Nest Café, children can take on the roles of cook, barista, or customer. They'll have fun cooking, taking orders, making yummy drinks, and more. Supports imaginative play and encourages emotional, social, and cognitive development. 
  • Bird's Nest Café features a shop on the front on one side and kitchen and working space on the other. 
  • Includes panini toaster, 2 paninis, sandwich, 2 cupcakes, 3 pastries, 2 cups, 2 plates, milk jug, steamer spout, tea bags, coffee disks, sugar cubes, chocolate shaker, menu stickers, and cutlery. Also has storage drawers, shelves, and place to hang utensils.
  • Ages 3 years and up
⭐️ Tender Leaf Toys knows you want the best for your loved ones. That is why their toys are handmade with safe, eco-friendly renewable resources. For each tree used to craft beautiful toys, another one is planted!⭐️