Tender Leaf Toys - Foxtail Villa


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  • PORTABLE DOLL HOUSE SET - This gorgeous doll house set is large, spacious and ultra stylish. Measures 17.32 x 14.76 x 27.95 15.40 lbs
  • ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO USE THEIR IMAGINATION - As your child plays the role of the housekeeper, mother or dad they will immerse themselves in the world of imaginative play and open the doors to independent play and free thinking. Ideal for preschoolers, nursery school children or any child.
  • DOLL HOUSE WITH STARTER SET - The Foxtail Villa is a perfect town style dolls house. The subtle colours and top quality plywood fascia makes this a beautiful mid-size dolls house for any little girl or boy. Included is a starter set of matching furniture.
  • MADE FROM A RENEWABLE RESOURCE - You want the very best for your child and this toy delivers. Made from highly renewable rubber tree wood, this is an eco-friendly and safe toy that is chemical free, and for every tree that becomes a beautiful toy, another is replanted.
  • DESIGNED IN GREAT BRITAIN AND MADE IN INDONESIA - Quality and safety is the most important part of our designs at Tender Leaf Toy. Each Toy is made with concern for your child's well being and education. Only the best for your little ones.

This handmade doll house for boys and girls is designed to be sturdy and durable, guaranteed to be a perfect gift to pass down as children grow. Foxtail Villa's simple design opens a world of opportunity and freedom for children to decorate as they please. It even comes with a beautiful starter furniture kit! Gender neutral coloring brings a breath of fresh air and uniqueness to the doll house industry, which is saturated with pinks and purples, and a whole lot of flimsy plastic. We're not saying we think this doll house is the best ever, we're saying your kid will definitely think it's the best ever!

­Tender Leaf Toys knows you want only the best for your loved ones. That is why their toys are handmade with safe, eco-friendly renewable resources. For each tree used to craft beautiful toys, another one is planted.