Tender Leaf Toys - Wild Pines Train Set


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Choo choo! The train has arrived to pick up the timber. Load the logging truck and avoid all obstacles to deliver the wood to the train. Beware of boulders and bears! Watch out for large trees that may block your path. Use your imagination to create a unique setting every time by changing the position of various elements. Introduce all your friends to this fantastic wooden toy train set and let the fun begin. Get your own Tender Leaf Toys’ Wooden Wild Pines Train Set today!

• High-quality and durable wooden toys
• Soft pastel colours - easy on the eye
• Full flexibility in setup and storytelling
• Exciting group activity
• Encourages creativity and imaginative play
• Improves fine motor skills
• Early childhood cognitive and social development
• Multiple elements to promote sharing with friends
• Includes: 30-piece track, 1 engine, 3 carriages, 1 loader vehicle, 1 logging truck, 27 small logs in various colours, 4 cut timber logs, 2 magnetized boulders, 1 log pile, 1 sleeping bear, 1 big bear, 3 big fir trees, 1 lake, and tree nursery with 6 trees.
• Material: Sustainable Rubberwood
• Product dimensions: 37 inches x 24.8 inches x 6.3 inches
• Item weight: 5.63 pounds
• Age: 3 years and above

Tender Leaf Toys creates special handcrafted wooden toys to stimulate healthy imaginative play in children. As they play and learn with our products, they also sharpen their fine motor skills and undergo social development. All our toys go through stringent tests to guarantee safe playtime.