5 Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Toys

  • Nov 11, 2020
  • By Paula Lefebvre

Anything could be missing from the kids' room, but never a stuffed toy! From fluffy dolls, teddies to other stuffed animals, all have forever embedded their love in both children's and adults' hearts. Even today, when the world is taken over by fancy schmancy gadgets, nothing can take over the love of stuffed toys.

Want to know why I think world is head over heels in love with the stuffed toys? Continue reading the blog I wrote just for you to know what makes your kid obsessed with the teddy you bought him/her. Afterwards, feel free to see the awesome stuffed toys we offer. We even have plush playsets. To buy some of the best plush playsets for kids and stuffed toys for kids, browse out Plush category at Charlarue Kids to get your child a lifelong plushie companion.

They Offer The Most Comfortable Hugs (Besides yours, of course)

The soft embrace of a plush and squishy stuffed toy is just about the best hug you can get. Kids find the hugs of a teddy bear or other plush toy comforting. The soothing embrace from the softness of the toy takes away all the pain and sadness. According to psychological studies, they offer a sense of security and peace. Even just the presence of them has beneficial effects, believe it or not. They radiate good feelings everywhere they go. These are the happy feelings we crave and enjoy throughout our lives, and it’s that simple to find some, just by owning one. 

They Encourage Nurturing And Roleplay

Children love imitating adults. They look up to us and watch our every move, no matter now sneaky and clever we try to be. Stuffed toys give them a chance to pretend to play adult and build their imagination skills. It makes them feel capable and in control of things.  Playing adult or imagining fun situations triggers the child’s social development that is important for a kid's mental and social development.

Easy To Clean

A room full of toys scattered everywhere is a pain to clean. However, stuffed toys can be collected quickly and placed on the shelves or bed. Unlike plastic toys that fall and break with pieces that can lie in wait for your delicate feet (looking at you, LEGO) or easily get lost (looking at you again, LEGO), stuffed toys are typically harmless and safe. The tossing or throwing of these plushy toys won't break them or hurt anyone. They are easy to clean in a washing machine and look as good as new, straight from the dryer.

They Have A Reassuring Look To Them

Stuffed toys will never make you feel down. They are the best companions during the lows of your life.  Even if your child loses them, drops them, or ignores them for a while until the batteries die in their fancy toys, they will welcome you with a reassuring smile every time. A teddy or a plush doll is never upset or disappointed in you and their love is unconditional. Okay, now I want to go cuddle one of my kids’ stuffed animals. They stay disappointed in me and I have a suspicion the amount they love me correlates with how much I let them get away with. Probably why their Mamaw is their favorite.

You Can Count On Them

Like I said, stuffed toys never break, bend, or dent. There are no screens to crack or no parts to lose or accidentally throw away. They remain with you in one piece forever. Children can easily pick, grab, throw, or put it down depending on their mood. 

Kids can count on stuff toys to travel with you no matter where they go, and you can even squeeze them in your luggage or let them hold them in their hands in case you are short on space. The cuddly hugs can last a lifetime, even if the toy gets damaged. Try popping a head back onto a Barbie doll and see how that goes. Stuffed animals for the win, I tell ya. If they tear, you can sew them up and even stuff in more cotton when they get a little flat from all that squeezing. Their durability, forever smiling faces, and comforting hugs make them a lasting friend your child can rely on. And don’t forget, they’re there if you need a hug as well!

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