Benefits Of Baking With The Kids

  • Nov 13, 2020
  • By Paula Lefebvre

As much as baking with the kids is messy, the batter stains leave behind lessons that stay with the kids for life. And though the treats you make probably won’t make it through the day, the memories you’ll cook up will. A simple baking session is linked to food awareness, consumption, and personal confidence that is worth washing the countless greased pots and spatulas. Oh, and all the random sprinkles you’ll find in every crevice of your kitchen. Those are fun.

It is heart-warming watching the young chefs roll their sleeves, climb up to the kitchen counter and bake from scratch. Seeing the end product after drooling over the wafting smells makes them proud of their creation, and they grow as they learn their way around the equipment. Who knows – they might turn into the next Master Chef!

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Develops Math Skills

Baking, in fact, the whole cooking process involves measuring and counting ingredients. The precision that is required in the mixing of sugar or flour instills in children the concepts of mathematics. They get to understand methods of capacity and volume and learn to discern between cups, liters, grams, tablespoons, and more. The essential concepts of fractions in math can also be integrated through baking. These are just scratching the surface though. With more practice and trying new things, you will discover many more concepts that build kids' mathematical skills.

Gives A Hint Of Science Project

Children can learn many scientific lessons from baking as well. You can discuss temperature while preparing the batter for cookies. When adding baking soda, you can explain to the kids how they help raise the bread and cookies by giving off carbon dioxide bubbles. My favorite is showing them how yeast works. The sifting of flour or the measuring of butter can introduce them to the topic of displacement. There are endless ways to teach different scientific terms and even demonstrate safe experiments in the kitchen.

Eye-Hand Coordination

When their tiny hands spoon batter into tins or add ingredients to the bowls, the kids get to practice and learn eye-hand coordination. Children learn to control their body movements as they learn to change containers with accurate calculation and measurement. On the other hand, decorating cakes and adding delicious toppings allows them to be as creative as they want.

Planning Skills

Before even heading to the kitchen, read out the recipe to the kid. If you can manage, use an illustrative recipe as the pictures help more in understanding things. As you both follow the instructions step-by-step, the child gets to sharpen his/her listening and sequencing skills.

The child must understand the importance of following instructions and keeping things organized. Baking is the chance to polish the child’s organizational skills and teach him to plan out things before execution to prevent missing things and reduce the chance of blunders.

Teaches Life Skills

The joy of creating something beautiful brings such happiness and satisfaction. Kids learn to become independent and capable enough to cook and feed themselves. Watching the cake turn a beautiful golden brown, and enjoying your efforts build the kids' self-esteem. Kids can bake in the future to show others their appreciation and gratitude. Or at least help them avoid a life of fast food and microwave dinners.

These are some of the benefits of baking with the kids. It’s an honor to help your children understand the basics of life and grow into independent adults, so embrace it and eat those cookies! Those who enjoy baking can even take their passion to the next level. Topping all the benefits are the fond memories that these baking moments creates for both you and the child to cherish for life. And did I mention, you get to eat the cookies?

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