Picking Out Summer Outfits For Kids

  • Oct 02, 2020
  • By Paula Lefebvre

Hot weather should not put a stop to the summer adventures of the children. Summertime is the most awaited one for them, playing under the warm sunshine surrounded by vibrant, blooming flowers, carefree and school free.

However, summer outfits for kids play a huge role, as wearing the wrong fabric might make it too stuffy or uncomfortable to blissfully enjoy summer activities. As a parent, you would not want to see your child sweaty, energy-drained, or lying around inside, trying to avoid the outdoors.

Let’s get down to picking out your child’s summer clothing that keeps him/her cool in the overbearing summer heat and protects them from the unforgiving UV rays.

Keep Things Light

The scorching sun heat demands outfits that have no heavy layers and are light on the body. Go for loose shirts and shorts to ensure the flow of air that keeps them cool. You can choose sleeveless dresses for the girls so they can twirl around like a ballerina, or a light polo to help keep the sweat at bay for boys.

Choose Cotton Dresses

Using any other fabric is stifling as your body heats up against the harsh surrounding of hot air. The toastier summer days call for clothes that are loose and made of 100% cotton. The fabric enables air to pass through and helps in sweat evaporation cooling their skin.

Less Is More For Toddlers

Little kids are not accustomed to layers of clothing and do not feel comfortable in the hot sun. It is best if they stick to a onesie or a diaper and stay under the shade or awning where there is no direct sunlight. Or put them in some of our adorable UPF 50+ swimwear and let them cool off at the pool or beach.

Never Forget The Sunscreen

Sunscreen must be the only constant in your life! You must use it for your toddler as using sunscreens from an early age makes the skin less prone to cancer. A physical barrier sunscreen has zinc oxide or titanium that stops dangerous rays.

Pull-On A Hat

Kids look adorable with a hat. You can use an oversized brimmed hat that has a chinstrap and UPF protected lightweight cotton. Hats will prevent their head from overheating, which can cause headaches. In addition, coming indoors to a cooler environment with a heated body can even cause fever.

Comfortable Footwear

Footwear is part of the attire, making it equally important for you to invest in a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals. The material should be sweat wicking so that the moisture buildup does not cause discomfort and blisters. Choosing a soft material is essential as the tender feet of your child must not expose to rough or harsh materials. The shoes we offer are top quality, fashionable, and built to last. We even offer machine-washable shoes!

Light-Colored Clothes

Dark colors absorb heat that can cause overheating and nausea. You would not want to go for the darker prints as the heat build-up drains the kid with excessive sweating. Compared to them, light colors tend to reflect sunrays, and so pale and pastel colors work best in summers.

Using Sun Protection Formula For Washing

You can use a sun protection formula for summer clothes. The formula uses 30 SPF sunscreen helping the fabric in reflecting the heat better. The fabric stays fresh and does not wear out.

Style Them Up With Sunglasses

The little darlings look endearing with the sunglasses on! In addition, the sunglasses protect their eyes. A few of the sunglasses obstruct 100% of both UVA and UVB rays.

Let Go Of The Socks

Children can leave the socks while they go outside to play. Simple sandals that do not require them to wear socks are best for outdoors. The cool breeze on their feet will do wonders with their comfort.

Summers is an exciting time of the year, where you bask around in the light summer breeze under the warm sun. To save your children from the discomfort of the oppressive heat, pick airy clothes that make them forget all the worries and enjoy the summer games.

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